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Student VDI

What is VDI and Why Use It:

VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) is a technology using VMWare Horizon software and state-of-the-art technologies to provide a flexible desktop experience for students. Key features which make it attractive for students are flexibility, mobility, and included software.  Essentially, each VDI session is hosted on GNTC back-end hardware which provides the operating system and all necessary software as part of the delivered desktop environment. The session also provides a ‘clean’ malware-free workstation environment for each user, and can be accessed on-campus or off from dedicated VDI hardware clients (found in some computer labs), or pretty much any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Besides the accessibility aspect, this solution can reduce student cost as the desktop is delivered complete with commonly required software such as Microsoft Office. Mobile storage is also provided via link on the desktop to your Office 365 OneDrive cloud storage.  This makes saved documents, files, and images available to you anywhere with Internet access.  Together, these features and benefits should allow you as a student to be more flexible and successful in completing your GNTC coursework!