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New Student Orientation

Required New Student Orientation

All new students or returning students who have not registered with GNTC within the previous 12 months are required to complete New Student Orientation.  Completion of orientation is required before you can meet with an advisor to get your course schedule.

Students can find the link to complete orientation below or in their Enrollment Portal after being accepted. Emails and text messages are also sent out containing the link to orientation. After new students have submitted all required documents for admission to GNTC and have been accepted to attend the college, you will be notified via email. Then, you may register for and complete New Student Orientation.

When accessing New Student Orientation, be sure you have first set up your Okta account and use your GNTC student email and password to access the orientation module.

If, after completing orientation, you have questions about your enrollment at GNTC, visit a GNTC Help Center located on any GNTC campus.  Good luck with your educational endeavors, and please know that faculty and staff are available to provide support and assistance with any questions you may have regarding your enrollment at GNTC.