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Student Login Information

Single Sign On (SSO)

We have incorporated a Single Sign On (SSO) structure so that you are able to use one GNTC account to access most of our GNTC resources available. Listed below are some specific resources that use the SSO account.

Login using your email address and password to Office 365, Blackboard, MyGNTC, the MyGNTC App, & DegreeWorks.

Login in using your username and password to Computers on campus, Off-Campus VDI's, & the Student Wi-Fi.  

Anatomy of an Email Address

While SSO enables you to use your account with multiple services, you should follow the best practices listed for each below. 


Computer Login

You can login to any student computer on the GNTC network. 

  • Login with your username and password.
    (You can use your username or full email address with this login.)

We also have VDI computer labs. (See How to Access VDI Workstations in Computer Labs for more information.)

  • Login with your username and password. 
    (You can use your username or full email address with this login.)

Email (Office 365 online)

  • Login with your email address and password.


When you use the MyGNTC Single Sign On link you are required to use your email address to sign on. Not all MyGNTC links are SSO. 

  1. Login to MyGNTC (SSO)
  2. Login with your email address and password.


We have the MyGNTC App available on both Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. This app connects to your student account so that you can access your grades, courses, financial aid, and more. The app also contains Campus Maps, Important numbers, and all of our social media accounts! 

  1. Click Sign-In at the bottom of the list in the app.
  2. Login with your email address and password.

Student WiFi Access

Connect to the WiFi:

  1. Connect to the network labeled 'GNTC Student'.
  2. Enter your username and password. Do not use your full email address as the user name.


If you need further assistance or are experiencing login issues, please contact the Student Help Center at 866-983-4682, M-F 7:45-4:15 EST