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GNTC eCampus

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Georgia Northwestern Technical College now offers more online courses through a platform called “eCampus.” The eCampus platform allows students from across Georgia to enroll in online courses offered by any Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) college, providing students access to programs and courses that may not be available at their home college. Upon completion of the eCampus course, students will earn credit at their home college. 

All eCampus course offerings are listed each term on the Class Schedule. eCampus courses can be identified by typing Ctrl+F or Command+F and searching “eCampus”. Those with eCampus Platform listed as the campus are eCampus courses. 

For information on if you meet the prerequisite requirements and how to enroll, please contact your advisor or the Advisement department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do I find the eCampus platform? 

The eCampus platform can be accessed similarly to GNTC’s Blackboard by logging into GNTC’s Okta SSO. Once you have logged in to the SSO, click the eCampus logo. You will only be permitted to enter the eCampus platform if you are actively enrolled in an eCampus course.

Are there admission requirements for using eCampus? 

eCampus is a delivery platform used by all Technical Colleges. The admission or placement requirements for all programs and courses are determined by your college. 

Does eCampus cost anything to use? 

Standard Tuition & Fees cover the cost of eCampus. 

How do I enroll in a class? 

Students can enroll in a class using the GNTC's normal enrollment platform for courses hosted by GNTC. For eCampus courses hosted by another college, please contact your advisor or the Advisement department for assistance with registering. 

What technology do I have to have to use eCampus? 

The technology needed for an eCampus course is the same as for any online course. You must have reliable internet service, a device/computer that connects to the internet, and access to a web browser. eCampus courses are offered through the learning management system (LMS) Blackboard. Students can connect to eCampus Blackboard through the college’s website. Some courses may require additional software or other hardware dependent upon the course you are taking.

If I don’t have access to the internet, can I still have access to this tool and its resources? 

Yes. You can access eCampus from on-campus, the student WiFi, or any public WiFi location.

Does eCampus support real-time interaction, or only pre-recorded content? 

eCampus supports real-time interaction. 


Additional Frequently Asked Questions