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Completing Your Financial Aid File

Your application for aid may load in requesting documents, or during the course of your enrollment, you may have issues arise with your file that requires documents to be submitted. Please complete and submit documents as early as possible. It can take up to 14 business days after the last document is submitted for processing to be completed.


Tips to Complete Your File

  • Apply for Financial Aid as early as possible each aid year
  • What if my Financial Situation is Different From What is Reported on the FAFSA? If your financial situation has changed
    between the tax year used to complete the FAFSA and the time you are attending, adjustments to take those changes into
    consideration may be possible under certain circumstances. If such is the case, after you have initially completed your file
    (including any verification requirements), then you may request a Professional Judgement.
  • Check your student accounts. Information about additional steps and missing information will display in your student accounts.
    • Your GNTC Student email Is the official means of communication with students. Check it often, read notifications fully, and follow instructions.
    • Once you are accepted, MyGNTC is your student account where you may view any unsatisfied requirements, check the status of your aid, register for classes, make payments, view grades, and more. Check your MyGNTC account often. You may use the Utilizing MyGNTC instructions for viewing information related to your financial aid account.
  • Keep track of our Payment Deadlines
  • Submit documents well ahead of our Priority Deadline
    • Our Priority Deadline is the deadline to not only have the FAFSA or GSFAPP filled out and submitted but also to have any documents it may come in requesting submitted for processing. Students having to submit documents will need to allow up to 14 business days after submitting the last document for the file to be reviewed and finalized.
  • When completing documents, read them carefully and follow instructions. Incorrect documents, or documents with conflicting information, will be rejected and sent back to you for correction resulting in costly delays.
  • Non-verification-related forms such as appeal forms, acceptable forms of Georgia residency, and other GNTC forms, may be accessed through Forms.
  • If you are going for a degree major, view the HOPE Scholarship.
  • If you have questions or need assistance, contact Financial Aid at 1-866-983-4682 or email Financial Aid.