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Non-Academic Complaint or Appeal

Any person with a complaint or appeal not addressing equal opportunity, gender/sexual harassment, student discipline, or academics should forward the complaint and any clarifying information to the appropriate vice president.  The appropriate vice president will investigate the complaint to determine its validity. This would include:

  1. A meeting with the student or other individual
  2. A meeting with faculty or staff member against whom the complaint was lodged.  In case of a complaint regarding procedures, the meeting would be with the individual responsible for the particular program or service in question.
  3. Meetings or discussion with other appropriate faculty, staff, or students.

The vice president, upon clarifying the nature of the complaint, should respond in writing to the student lodging the complaint within seven (7) days. The response should include:

  1. Acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint.
  2. A statement regarding action taken.

Copies of the response should be forwarded to:

  1. The faculty or staff member involved.
  2. The student’s file.

NOTE: Any complaint or grievance filed against a vice president should be made directly to the college president. Any complaint against a college president should be made directly to the TCSG commissioner.