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What is financial aid?

Financial aid is the money used to pay for your education. Financial aid is generally in the form of grants, scholarships, and/or work-study program which do not have to be repaid. Another form of financial aid is federal direct loans which do have to be repaid.

What type of financial aid is offered at GNTC?

Georgia Northwestern Technical College offers a variety of financial aid programs that include grants, scholarships, federal work-study, and federal direct loans. Pleases view our Types of Aid section for more information.

I probably don't qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?

Yes. Many families mistakenly believe they don't qualify for financial aid, and therefore, prevent themselves from receiving any aid for which they may have qualified. It never hurts to apply, and the application process is free and easy.

What is the preferred method of applying for financial aid?

To apply students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at FAFSA. Students must complete & submit the FAFSA, as well as any other required documents, by the deadlines in order to be considered for aid. Please see our Financial Aid Deadlines section.

Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for financial aid?

No. Students may submit the FAFSA prior to being admitted; however, in order to actually receive any funds for which they qualify, the student must be admitted and enrolled at the college. FAFSAs are made available as early as January 1of each year. Please review our Financial Aid Deadlines section for information on the term for which you wish to apply.

Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?

Yes. If your financial circumstances change, you may get more or less aid. After your first year, you will receive an email notification (from FAFSA) reminding you to renew your FAFSA for the new aid year.

Do I need to apply every semester?

No. The financial aid (fiscal) year extends from the fall semester through the summer sessions of the next calendar year (ex: classes occurring beginning in August 2015 and extending through July 2016). All financial aid expires (June 30th) after summer sessions have started; therefore, students must reapply 6-8 weeks prior to the next financial aid (fiscal) year. Please review the Financial Aid Deadlines section for information.

When will I get my Pell/FSEOG check?

Students with complete financial aid files & awards on the first day of the semester will have any remaining funds refunded beginning on the 28th day (5th-6th week) of the term. Students whose financial aid files are completed & awarded after the initial date will have funds refunded within 2 weeks of the funds being applied to the student account. Students with “stacked” classes (classes with different start dates) will have their funds released in individual sections after each class’s start date. All refunds (funds remaining after tuition and fees have been covered) will be sent to the student according to his/her preferred selection. Please see our Refunds webpage for more information.

Will I receive Pell/FSEOG for my certificate program?

Pell, FSEOG, and Loans will pay for some certificate programs. Check with the Financial Aid Office or view our Gainful Employment page.

How do I know if I have been awarded financial aid?

You will be able to view your award through your MyGNTC account. Please see our instructions on Utilizing MyGNTC. If you have a question, call the Financial Aid Office at 1-866-983-4682.

Will I receive all the financial aid listed on the website or on my financial aid award letter?

Not every student qualifies for all types of financial aid offered at GNTC. The aid listed on your financial aid award letter/email is the max offered amount. Offered aid amounts are listed as if you will be a full-time student (taking at least 12 credit hours) for each semester in the respective aid year. If you do not register as a full-time student, aid will be prorated. Aid will only be awarded to your account once you’re accepted, have completed your financial aid file, and are enrolled in classes in your program of study.

What will happen if I drop a class?

  • If you drop before the first day of classes, nothing. All aid will be canceled.
  • If you drop a class within the first three days of the term, nothing—your aid will be canceled.
  • If you withdraw from some but not all of your classes from the 4th to 7th day of classes -, your aid will be adjusted.
  • If you withdraw from all classes following the 3rd day, your financial aid will be adjusted. *Note: At this point, dropped classes will affect your Completion Rate, which could result in being placed on Warning or Suspension. (Contact the Financial Aid Office for a copy of our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and information regarding our Return of Title IV Funds Policy.)
  • Note: Simply not "showing up" for class does not withdraw you from class. You must complete the proper paperwork with the Admissions Office.

When do I receive my $500.00 for my HOPE GED® Voucher?

You must be enrolled in an eligible program of study to receive the proceeds from the HOPE GED® Voucher. HOPE GED® Vouchers will be processed beginning the second week of the term. Funds remaining after tuition and fees are covered will be issued according to the student’s preferred selection with BankMobile. Please see our Refunds page for more information.

Do I have to apply for Financial Aid to use my HOPE GED® Voucher?


My HOPE GED® Voucher is expired, can I get it replaced and still use it?


Do I have to pay my financial aid back?

Maybe. If you withdraw (officially or unofficially) you are subject to the Return of Title IV funds policy which may result in you owing back federal funds. If you have any questions, contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-866-983-4682.

Do you have to be a HOPE Scholar to receive HOPE funds?

There are two (2) forms of HOPE: HOPE Scholarship for degree-seeking students who qualify, and HOPE Grant for diploma or certificate-seeking students who qualify. Therefore, a student does not have to be a HOPE Scholar in order to qualify for HOPE Grant funds. Please see our Grants & Scholarships page for eligibility requirements.

If I am a degree student, can I still receive HOPE funds?

Possibly. Please view our Grants & Scholarships page for eligibility requirements.

I was requested to bring in tax transcripts, but I didn’t file an income tax. What do I do?

Bring copies of any W-2 forms you may have or any other proof of income. You will also need to complete a No Taxes Filed Statement and any other requested documents (available on our Forms page).

Will HOPE Grant pay my $105 Technology Fee?

No. HOPE only pays a portion of the tuition. It does NOT pay anything toward fees.

Will Pell pay my $105 Technology Fee?

Yes, provided your financial aid file is complete (without missing documents), awarded prior to the Tuition and Fees Deadline, and you are eligible for enough aid to cover the remaining expenses.

If I start out as a diploma or certificate student and later change to an associate degree, can I still receive HOPE funds?

Possibly. Please see our Grants & Scholarships page for more information.

Why do I have to include my parents’ income if I no longer live with them or they do not support me?

Federal Regulations may require it. Refer to Step 1 on How to Apply for Financial Aid or contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-866-983-4682.

What happens if I change my major?

Switching your major may affect the type of aid you are eligible for and could possibly affect your ability to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Please check with Financial Aid to see if/how your aid will be affected prior to switching your major.

Will my financial aid pay for my books and tuition?

Possibly. The HOPE funds pay 73% of the tuition rate (based on the tuition rate for the 15-16 year). HOPE does not cover books or fees. If you receive Pell, the remaining 27% of the tuition as well as the remaining fees can be deducted providing you receive enough Pell funds to cover the balance. After all tuition and fees are covered, you may use up to 50% (but no more than $600.00) of any remaining Pell Grant funds in the GNTC bookstore on the first day of the term.

Is there a HOPE cap on the number of hours that HOPE will pay?

Yes. A cap of 63 semester hours for certificate and diploma programs and 127 combined (grant & scholarship) semester hours for degree programs. Check with the Financial Aid Office on the cap hour regulations or visit our Grants & Scholarships page for eligibility requirements.

Will Financial Aid pay for an elective?

Financial aid will pay for approved electives; however, you must not exceed your required number of elective hours. Please remember any transfer credits you have may count as electives.

I’m on Financial Aid Warning. Do I have to pay?

No. Warning means that you have transitioned from meeting the minimum GPA and Completion Rate standards (“GOOD” academic standing) to falling below the standards after a single term. Think of Warning as a “grace period” in which you can still receive aid for your next term of attendance, but by the end of that term you must be meeting the standards in order to be returned to “GOOD” standing. Please view our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

I’m on Financial Aid Suspension. Do I have to pay?

Yes. The suspension means that you have fallen below the minimum GPA and Completion Rate standards for the second (2nd) consecutive term. Federal and State guidelines dictate that students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to qualify for any form of financial aid. Students not meeting the standards set forth in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for the second (2nd) consecutive term are not eligible to receive any financial aid funds including loans.

I am in a degree program and receive HOPE Scholarship: How often is my GPA checked?

Students receiving the HOPE Scholarship will have their GPA checked at the 30th, 60th, and 90th semester hours as well as the end of each spring term. If a student is less than full-time for the first 30 semester hours, he/she will be checked at the end of the third term. Contact Financial Aid at 1-866-983-4682 for more details.

Do I have to be a full-time student to get my Financial Aid?

No. If you are eligible, Hope will cover up to 73% of tuition (based on the tuition rate for the 2015-2016 fiscal year) regardless of how many credit hours you are enrolled for. Pell funds on the other hand are prorated, meaning that if you are enrolled half-time (6-8 credit hours) then you will be awarded 50% of the maximum Pell funds for which you qualify.

What happens if I have to quit GNTC (withdraw from all classes) because of personal or other reasons? Will I be eligible for aid the following semester? Will I have to pay my financial aid back?

You will be checked for Satisfactory Academic Progress. With the exception of developmental classes, all courses taken at GNTC will be considered in the GPA and Completion Rate when computing your eligibility for financial aid. If you are suspended from financial aid, you will need to return to GNTC at your own expense until you have met the required standards. You have the right to appeal your Suspension provided you complete the proper forms with the proper documentation. If your appeal is ruled in your favor, you may have aid reinstated as federal and state guidelines allow. See our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more details.

In most cases, when a student quits GNTC due to personal or other reasons, they may not have to repay financial aid. However, this may be dependent upon factors such as the last date of attendance/date of withdrawal, etc. The college is required to follow federal regulations on federal funds received, and this may cause you to have to repay some federal funds. Check with the Financial Aid Office anytime you withdraw or drop a class.

Will financial aid pay for audit or exempt classes?


How do I apply for HOPE and Pell?

You must apply online at FAFSA. Our Federal School is: 004024