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Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting program prepares students for employment in a variety of positions in today’s medical offices. The Medical Assisting program provides learning opportunities, which introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Additionally, the program provides opportunities to upgrade present knowledge and skills or to retrain in the area of medical assisting. 

Programs of Study


Program Outcomes for Medical Assisting Diploma

The Medical Assisting Program at Georgia Northwestern Technical College reports the following outcome data from the 2020 Annual Report.
  1. Student retention rate:  2018 admission cohort was 94.59% retention. Overall 5-year average is 92.59%.
  2. Job Placement rate: 87.5% for the 2018 graduate cohort. 
  3. Exam passage rate: 95% for the 2018 graduate cohort. Overall 5-year average is 94.38%.
  4. Graduate satisfaction: 100% for the 2018 graduate cohort.
  5. Employer satisfaction: 100% for the 2018 graduate cohort.