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Bobcat Bucks Incentive Program


When you attend GNTC Student Life sponsored events and check in with your student ID#, you can earn points to redeem for prizes. The prizes are tiered and build, so when you redeem for your first prize, you get to keep those points to work toward the next prize. 

The point value for each event will be displayed beside the check-in, as well as on advertisements for the events. 

There are also great opportunities for online students to earn Bobcat Bucks through social media, joining a student organization, and attending virtual events!


Once you have earned enough points for a prize, you can redeem those points by completing the Bobcat Bucks Redemption Form.

Your points will be verified by Student Life staff before prizes are sent. 

Do not submit a Redemption Request Form if you do not have the accumulated points. In order to verify your points total, email Student Life

Points expire at the end of each Academic Year (May) and are only valid if the student is currently enrolled.