Student Email

Beginning Fall 2015, we created a new student email and login account for you. If you had a previous GNTC student email address, it is still functional, but you must use your new email account, which is the OFFICIAL address for all communications from the school. This new account and password will be used to log into student email, Office 365, lab computers on campus, and to the student wireless! However, you MUST register with GNTC's ADSelfService at the link below. This will enable you to reset your password as needed. Below are a few helpful documents:

Computer/Email Login

User Name: Your first initial, first six (6) characters of last name, and last six (6) digits of your student ID (ex. jdoe123456). Of course, your new Office 365 email account will also have the suffix “” appended to the user name (ex.

Password: Your default password is your six (6) digit DOB prefaced by Gntc (ex. Gntc092281). This is case sensitive. Otherwise, if you have already registered with ADSelfService and changed your password, your password is whatever you set it to. We recommend you change your password as soon as you register with ADSelfService (see below).

It is imperative that you remember to LOG OFF, whenever you are finished with a computer, or plan to step away for a period of time. To LOG OFF, click the Windows Orb/Start button, click the arrow beside Shut down, and click LOG OFF.

You MUST Register with GNTC’s ADSelfService Tool

If you have not registered in ADSelfService yet, please register as soon as possible. In order to avoid delays and reset your own password in the event you forget it, you MUST register with the ADSelfService tool ahead of time! Registration is easy! Simply provide an alternate email address and choose some security questions which you can answer to reset your own password.

To Access Your Student Email and Office 365

Visit and sign in using your new GNTC student email address and password. Visit GNTC's Office 365 page for more information on Office.

Resetting a Forgotten Password

If you registered in ADSelfService, but cannot remember your password, you can use your smart phone, tablet, or PC to access the ADSelfService tool at: NOT attempt to reset your password on the Office 365 website. Then, just click “Reset Password” and provide your user name. You will be able to choose to use your security questions or your alternate email to reset your password. Note: Passwords should be 8 – 16 characters, and contain at least one of each of the following characters: lower case, upper case, number, and special character. Password must not contain more than two consecutive characters of your user name or full name, or consecutive keyboard patterns. (Such as qwerty, 1234, etc...)

If you have issues resetting your password or enrolling, please contact the Student Help Center listed below for your campus.

GNTC Email Administrators

If you have registered with GNTC's ADSelfService and cannot reset your password yourself or have any questions regarding GNTC student email please contact the Student Help Center listed below.

  • CCC - Student Help Center (Student Affairs), 706-965-1120
  • FCC - Student Help Center (Student Affairs), 706-291-3350
  • GCC -  Student Help Center (Student Affairs), 706-624-1100
  • PCC -  Student Help Center (Student Affairs), 770-684-5696
  • WCC - Student Help Center (Student Affairs), 706-764-3510
  • WMC -  Student Help Center (Student Affairs), 706-272-2966