Student Email

To Access Your Student Email and Office 365

Visit O365 Online and sign in using your GNTC student email address and password. If your password does not work, please try to login using your default password. Your default password is your six (6) digit DOB prefaced by Gntc (ex. Gntc092281) This is case sensitive.

If You Do Not Know Your Student Email Address

You can log in to MyGNTC using the steps below to access the personal information menu to view your new email address.

  1. Go to MyGNTC
  2. Click on 'Enter MyGNTC'
  3. Provide your Student ID Number or SSN in the 'User ID' field as well as your PIN number (this is NOT your email password) and click on the login button
  4. Click 'Personal Information '. Click 'View E-mail Address(es)'. Your new email will be displayed

The new email format will be your first initial, part of your last name and a random number. It will be marked as Preferred and say 'O365 AD Connect Sync Email'.

If you currently have an email address, your password will not change and all your email will still be in your mailbox. You will just be using a new username to access email and to log in on GNTC campuses. If you are using the MyGNTC app, you will be using these new credentials there as well.

You will be registering in Office 365 with a more traditional password reset process by Microsoft. This service will now synchronize your password changes automatically regardless of whether you change your password on campus or in the O365 portal. The sync process is quick and in 5-10 minutes should have accounts sync’d up in both places after changing your password.

Having Issues?

If you need assistance with accessing MyGNTC to find your new address or accessing your email, please contact the Student Help Center at 866-983-4682.