Featured Program

Featured Program

Selling to a 21st century marketplace takes a specialized pro with a skill set like none other. To manage and market a business in today’s world takes a big first step! You can take the step today at Georgia Northwestern Technical College!

At GNTC, the training you’ll need to succeed in marketing management is already planned and waiting for you! Earn your Marketing Management Degree, Diploma, or Certificates to help you specialize in entrepreneurship, retail management, e-business, professional selling, and so much more!

Plus, the marketing management education you receive from Georgia Northwestern will show tomorrow’s business world you are ready for what’s next. Whether it be starting and managing your very own business, driving a Fortune 500 corporation to the next level, or making executive breakthroughs in e-Commerce, GNTC meets you where you are and takes you where you want to be!

Get Focused. Get Hired!

Georgia Northwestern Technical College.

VIDEO: The Marketing Management Program at GNTC

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Oct 12Midterm


Oct 12 - Oct 16Spring Returning Student Registration


Oct 16Graduation Application Deadline for Spring 2016


Oct 27Last Day to Drop and Receive Grade of W


Nov 23Application and Testing Deadline


Nov 26 - Nov 27Happy Thanksgiving! School Closed


Dec 7Last Day of Class



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