Featured Program

Featured Program

Neuromuscular Therapist Program

Seeking a Massage Therapy education that will equip you for a career as a Licensed Massage Therapist? Specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) at Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) gives you skill sets like none other.

From learning focused massage techniques to teaching patients the benefits of therapeutic stretching to learning how to make proper assessments in caring for a neuromuscular therapy patient, the NMT program at GNTC will put you in a career you care about right here at home or around the world.

Getting the background you’ll need in building up a career you’ll love is what the Neuromuscular Therapy program at GNTC is all about. Whether you are working towards a diploma or a degree, during your time as a student, the NMT program will put you in hands-on training that will turn into a profession that will change your life forever!

As a GNTC Neuromuscular Therapy graduate, your clientele will count on you to design a treatment plan that helps them live pain free, while managing stress and realizing optimal athletic performance.

Get Focused. Get Hired!

Georgia Northwestern Technical College.

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Jun 27 - Jul 1Fall Returning Student Registration


Jul 1Culinary: Cuisine of California and the Pacific Northwest


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Jul 5Last Day to Drop and receive grade of W. A Session


Jul 7Midterm. C Session


Jul 8Culinary: Hawaiian Cuisine


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Jul 13- Jul 14Final Exams: B Session


Jul 27Last Day of class. A and C Sessions


Jul 29- Aug 1Final Exams: A and C Sessions


Aug 15First Day of class. Fall Semester



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