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General Information about Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports are organized, recreational sports leagues that allow students at Georgia Northwestern Technical College to participate in a variety of team sports. Competition exists, but the real focus of intramural sports is health and exercise, social interaction, stress reduction, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Due to COVID19 restrictions, intramural sports will be minimal during the 2020-2021 academic year.  For more information, contact Patricia Wiggins.

Who can play Intramural Sports at GNTC?

Georgia Northwestern Technical College Intramural Sports provide an opportunity for all full time, part-time, and GED students to compete at a lower level of competition.  In an effort to allow Faculty/Staff members to interact with GNTC students, they are also eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports program. 

What Georgia Northwestern Technical College Sports are available for participation?

The GNTC Intramural Sports program currently offers coed sports during the fall and spring semesters. Season sports include Coed Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, and Golf. 

Is there a fee to play in any of the GNTC Intramural Sports?

There is no fee to participate in any of these sports except golf. In most cases, you will be provided a t-shirt of your team’s colors to wear during games.

How long is each Intramural Sports season?

Most seasonal sports usually last 5 to 6 weeks.  Our goal is to get as many games for each team that we can, usually one per week.  The number of games played depends on how many teams we have participating in each league.  The weather can also determine the length of a season and the number of games played.  After each regular season, there is a single-elimination playoff for each seasonal sport.  Games are usually scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

What do we need to bring for each game?

Each player must bring their GNTC I.D. to each game and sign in at the check-in table before playing.  If you do not bring your I.D. you will not be able to play that day.  GNTC will provide most equipment if needed (softball gloves excluded) but each team may bring their own (i.e. softball bats).  You do not have to have uniforms to play.  GNTC will provide a t-shirt for each team member. 

Are their times my team can practice?

There are no set times or fields for practice opportunities.  There are outdoor fields for open play located on Floyd and Walker county campuses.

What do members of each Intramural League Champion receive?

The champions of each sport will receive Intramural Champion T-shirts for each member of their team up to the roster maximum. Seasonal sports champions will also have their team name engraved on their sport's trophy located in the Office of Admissions.