Field Manager, Calhoun, GA

Commercial Floors is seeking a Field Manager in Calhoun, GA. 

Job Title

Field Manager

Position Overview

Leads, safeguards, and delivers consistent quality tasks to our customers with the collaboration of our field staff. Manages processes for general conformance to safety, quality, and efficiency requirements.


  • Visit each job a minimum of 1.5 hours per visit.
    • One visit per job if over a 5-hour drive.
    • If under 5-hour drive one visit per week.
  • Ensures that Foreman has assigned each crew member a piece of equipment to oversee weekly. This includes the following task: Makes sure it is clean, safe, in good repair, operational, in the right place, and ready to use when needed within the sequence of the installation. The goal is to eliminate downtime.
  • Ensures the newest crew members proper training by delegating concentrated time on the grinder with 100% supervision and direction for a few hours each shift. Note - The quicker that a new crew member can grind and polish, (Goal) the better and more cohesive the crews will become.
  • Uses auto-scrubber to clean floor upon arrival, while the operator changes diamonds after whatever step they were on. Do so in each active area.
  • Inspects the floor and diamonds that were recently removed with the operator. Things to look for: scratches, areas that are not getting processed, and other problems that once polished, would become “Punch List” items, notice if the diamonds are open and cutting and how the bond life is. Goal: To become quality proficient by becoming a subject matter expert in different aspects of the job. “Punch List” items will be reduced dramatically.
  • Provides the crew with supplies to clean their equipment by inspecting this task is completed. The cleaning should take place 15 minutes prior to shutting down. This will promote the crew’s level of pride and respect for the equipment. Goal: Overall better care of all equipment, including a reduction in lost and stolen items.
  • Ensures the following by performing the following inventory by day: 
    • Nationwide inventory - All report on the same day (every crew)
    • Monday- Uniforms
    • Tuesday- Tooling
    • Wednesday- Scrubbers & Burnishers
    • Thursday-Treatments and Supplies
    • Friday – Vacuums
  • Delivers the new Logo Shirts: Replacement policy: Mondays Foreman will ask for T-shirt inventory from each crew member. Not clean or ripped/damaged shirts are not tolerated and must be replaced. This is important! Goal: is to always look professional while representing the company.
  • Creates daily communication with the foreman via email and teams to discuss specific problems after each shift. For assistance to resolve any issues, contact Tim Hooten.
  • Reports of broken/damaged equipment to appropriate personnel.
  • Reports/inventories on diamond consumption as well as effectiveness/issues (photos please)
  • Proactively identifies crew’s needs - Rags, safety tape, soap, pads, saw blades, correct repair materials, microfiber pads, sprayers, and tips, etc. The goal is to produce quality work with top condition equipment- Professional Impression.


Job Qualifications:

  • Travel required
  • Able to maintain a driver license and a good driving record
  • Ability to communicate effectively via email and Microsoft Teams
  • Proactive and good problem solver
  • Able to delegate tasks 
  • Have an in-depth understanding of our flooring process to be able to distinguish off quality
  • Be knowledgeable with our current safety policies as well as safety guidelines our industry requires


Follow up site visits (of completed work)

  • Visit site a minimum of .5 hours per visit. Two per week.
  • Responsible to meet the manager or person in charge to update via written report the following items.
    1. Report work requests.
    2. Condition of the floor, slip and trip hazards (photos and checklist).
    3. Leave the Manager with a business card and ask them to call you if they need anything.
    4. The goal is to sell cleaner and pads, and customer care.


If you are interested, please contact Oscar Reyes with Commercial Floors