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PLA Programs

Pre-Approved Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Economic Development Programs

Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s (GNTC) PLA Initiative is a fundamental effort to bridge non-credit training with select Academic programs.  As a result, the Office of Economic Development has made an effort to pre-approve select non-credit programs granting credit course exemptions.  The purpose of this initiative is to:
  • Create career pathways from Economic Development training into academic programs aligning with industry needs.
  • Increase GNTC’s capacity to train and equip additional special populations to occupy hard-to-fill, high-in-demand positions in the workforce.
  • Incentivize students successfully completing PLA Eligible programs to further pursue an academic program at GNTC on a faster scale.
To qualify for the PLA Initiative, applicants must complete the Credit Request Form and satisfy minimum admissions requirements at GNTC.

Pre-Approved PLA Economic Development Programs

  • 135-Hour Basic Shielded Metal-Arc & Gas Metal-Arc (Credit Course Exempted - WELD 1000)
  • 72-Hour Small Business Accelerator (Credit Courses Exempted - MGMT 1100, MKTG 2210)


  1. Apply to GNTC.
  2. Complete the Credit Request Form and select Documented Learning.
  3. Submit a copy of the GNTC PLA Eligible Certificate of Completion and corresponding assessment scores, along with the completed Credit Request Form to:
    • Economic Development with the subject: PLA Credit Request. or
    • ATTN: Economic Development, One Maurice Culberson Drive, Rome, GA 30161

Information and Next Steps

  • A GNTC Subject Matter Expert will review complete Credit Request Forms.  Please allow up to four weeks for review; a student may be contacted for additional information or skills demonstration during the evaluation process.
  • Upon completing the review, the applicant will receive notification from GNTC of their application request via their student GNTC email account.  If the credit is approved, the applicant will receive a PLA Approval Letter from the Vice President of Economic Development and Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • The credit will be entered on the student’s record as EXP.


For questions, please contact Economic Development