Assistant Teacher, Chatsworth, GA

Kiddie Land Preschool is seeking a part-time Assistant Teacher in Chatsworth, GA.  

Job Description:

The assistant teacher is responsible for supervising, educating, and supporting students to help them accomplish learning benchmarks. Their duties include following lesson plans, interacting with children,  supervising children, keeping attendance, and monitoring the classroom overall. Keeping the children and classroom clean is also an important duty for a Preschool Assistant Teacher. 

Assistant Teacher duties and responsibilities: 

Assistant Teacher relieves the lead teacher in the afternoon. The assistant teacher should oversee students while they are eating, playing, small groups, and other activities. Their exact duties can vary widely depending on the particular circumstances of the classroom they are in, but some common duties and responsibilities include. 

  • Prepare meals and drinks for the children.
  • Prepare Classroom materials for lessons and small group activities 
  • Perform record keeping duties associated with classroom attendance 
  • Hygiene and toileting 
  • Instruct students in proper classroom behaviors and manners.

What Does an Assistant Teacher Do?

Assistant Teachers collaborate with lead teachers to provide students with an enriching and productive educational environment. Assistant Teachers also get to know students and provides individualized assistance to help them adjust. They supervise the class when the lead teachers are not available.

Assistant Teacher Skills and Qualifications:

  • High school Diploma/GED 
  • Certification in CPR and First Aid 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Patience when dealing with students of varying abilities of backgrounds
  • Able to work with teachers and parents
  • Able to maintain focus and control in chaotic environments 

Assistant Teacher Pay Expectations 

The Assistant Teacher pay starts out at $8.50 an hour, with the potential to grow through trainings and performance. The schedule would be part-time from 2pm-6pm. 

Interested applicants should email their resumes to Haley Cardin. Applicants can also apply in person at Kiddie Land Preschool at 13 Bailie Ln, Chatsworth, GA 30705. If interested in this position and have questions or would like additional information, email Career Services.