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Withdrawing from Courses and from College

Withdrawal from Courses

During the academic term, there are specific deadlines in which a course(s) can be dropped without penalty. The deadline dates for withdrawing can be found on the Academic Calendar located on GNTC’s website under the My Resources tab. A student who wants to withdraw from a course or courses but who remain enrolled in the college must complete a Drop Add form.  The Drop Add form can be obtained by clicking on the Forms link below or from any student Help Center.  Completed forms must be submitted to a GNTC Help Center for processing.

Withdrawal from the College

To officially withdraw from the college, you must complete an Official Withdrawal Form that can be obtained from the Registrar's Office or from the GNTC website. Completed forms must be submitted to a GNTC Help Center for processing.

NOTE: Please note that you are required to complete a minimum of 67% of the courses in which you enroll or maintain the minimum grade point average required by your program; failure to do so may result in academic suspension and/or loss of financial aid.

Refund Policy

Georgia Northwestern Technical College can refund 100% of the tuition and refundable fees paid if you formally withdraw before or during the first three instructional days of the academic term. No refunds will be issued after this date. Application fees are not refundable. The Business Office processes all refunds by the third week of the academic term from which you withdrew from classes. More information about how your refund will be issued can be found on our Refunds page.

Deadlines for withdrawing from classes can be obtained by accessing the GNTC Academic Calendar.