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Scheduling Classes

Balance Your Class Load, Times, and Location

As a new student, beginning college can be an overwhelming experience because of the many programs of study from which to choose and because of the varying requirements to enroll.  When scheduling classes, it is important to remember the following:

Program Requirements

Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) offers a wide variety of degree, diploma, and technical certificate programs of study, each requiring different courses for completion.   Academic advisors are available to answer questions about program completion requirements.  Keep in mind that, to be a full-time student, you must enroll in 12 credit hours per academic term. However, to graduate in a timely manner, you should consider enrolling in at least 15 semester credit hours each fall and spring semester.

Balance Your Course Selection and Course Load

When selecting your courses, realize that the demands of college courses are greater than those required in high school.  As a college student, allow more time for studying and homework.  With input from your Academic Advisor, schedule classes based on what you know about yourself and about your academic strengths and weaknesses.  Consider your responsibilities outside of college like work and family.  Schedule your classes so that you are able to balance your personal obligations with the requirements of college enrollment. Doing so will keep stress at a minimum and will allow for an enjoyable and successful college experience. 

Time of Day

GNTC offers classes on many different days and times including during the day, evening, and online.  A variety of course dates and times allows students to schedule classes around work requirements and other personal commitments.  Online classes are great for students who find it difficult to attend classes on campus.  However, online students must be computer literate and have access to a computer that meets certain specifications.  Online learning also requires that students be good time managers since these courses are self-directed and require students to meet deadlines for testing and assignment submission. Information about online classes can be obtained at the Online Learning link below and then by accessing Online Resources.

Classroom Location

When planning your college schedule, make sure that the time and day you choose for your classes allow enough time for you to easily get from one class to the next.  Also, schedule your classes on the campus that is convenient and suitable for you personally.