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No Show Policy

What is a "No Show" and What are the Consequences?

A "no-show" is a student who does not attend class, or in the case of an online class, complete the first required online assignment by the due date during the first full week of the academic term. You are expected to attend class beginning the first day of the term.

You are not considered a "No Show" if you stop attending classes after being present in at least one class session, after completing the first required online assignment, or after meeting with instructors of courses that are self-directed or provided through individualized instruction courses during the first five days of the academic term.

Consequences of Being a "No Show"

If you are considered a "No Show", you will be removed from your classes and will not be permitted to attend classes during or after the second week of the academic term. You will not be awarded any financial aid benefits for the course. You may also be required to repay all or a portion of your HOPE or Pell award that you received for the academic term.