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In accordance with Governor Kemp’s Executive Order, Georgia Northwestern Technical College will remain closed for in-person instruction with limited exceptions through the Spring 2020 semester. In lieu of in-person instruction, GNTC has transitioned to online learning for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.

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Dropping and Adding Classes

You may drop one or more courses without academic penalty within the first three consecutive instructional days of any academic term, as long as you remain in at least one course. For more information on the specific dates in which courses can be added, the Academic Calendar can be accessed on GNTC's webpage under MyResources.

To drop or add a class during the designated drop/add period, log onto MyGNTC. You can also complete and submit to the Registrar's Office a Drop Add Form.  Please note that if you are trying to drop your entire schedule or the only class on your schedule, you will need to complete an Official Withdrawal Form.  Both forms can be obtained by clicking on the “Forms” link below or by visiting a student Help Center located on any GNTC campus.

If you need to change sections of a class after the drop/add period, you must obtain permission from the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  This is only permitted in the case of extenuating circumstances that prevent you from remaining in your course. If you enter a course after the first day of class, you must complete all missed work as directed by the course instructor.

Note - Dropping courses may adversely affect your financial aid for the current or future semesters, possibly including, but not limited to, returning funds to the College. We recommend that you discuss your status with your financial aid counselor prior to making your decision on whether or not to drop a course.