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Registrar FAQs

Where is the link to the Academic Calendar?

The Academic Calendar is located on the GNTC website under My Resources, Schedules and Calendars.

Where is the link to the class schedules?

The class schedule is located on the GNTC website under My Resources, Schedules and Calendars.

What is MyGNTC?

MyGNTC is the Student Information System at GNTC. MyGNTC can be used to view your academic grades, check your financial aid status, obtain an official transcript (if you are a current student), and review your progress toward the completion of your degree, diploma, or certificate. You will log into the secure area of MyGNTC by using your GNTC student email and your password will be the same as your student email password.

How do I change my name/address/phone?

To change any of these, you will need to fill out a Request for Change of Status Form available in the Student Help Centers or you can find it on our website under My Resources, Forms. We can change your name after your social security card reflects the change.

Why can’t my parents view my grades?

Georgia Northwestern complies fully with the Family Education Rights and your Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), it was designated to protect the privacy of your educational records. This restriction applies but is not limited to, your parents, spouse, friends, or sponsor. We must have written consent before providing certain information from your student records to a third party. The Permission to Release Education Records form can be found on our website under My Resources, Forms.

How many credits do I need to be considered a part-time or full-time student?

12 credit hours is considered full-time, 6 credit hours is considered part-time. 

What is the maximum number of courses that I can take at one time during a semester? 

The maximum number of credit hours that a student may carry in one semester without special permission from the Office of Academic Affairs is 20 credit hours.

What is DegreeWorks and how do I access it?

DegreeWorks is a computerized degree audit program and advising tool to assist students and advisors in reviewing student progress. DegreeWorks re-organizes the student transcript, identifying courses completed and what courses are required to complete a program. To Access DegreeWorks login to MyGNTC, go to Student Services, then select DegreeWorks.

What can DegreeWorks do?

  • Determine what courses are needed to complete a program
  • See how coursework can be applied toward another major by running a“what if” query
  • Estimate completion time
  • View transfer credits and exemption applied toward a program of study
  • View current registration
  • View pre-requisites and co-requisites, see vital student information in one screenshot, cumulative GPA, grades academic standing, current major, high school/GED completion, and awards already earned by term.


What does it mean to have a hold on my record?

A hold means you cannot register, receive a transcript or diploma until it is removed. Holds are placed on records if you owe money, official documentation, books, money, etc.

How can I drop or withdraw from a class?

You can drop or withdraw from a class by filling out a drop/add form available in the student help center or you can find it online, under My Resources, Forms.

When is the deadline to drop a class or withdraw from college?

The deadlines for each semester are available on our website under Academic Calendars. These calendars are updated each semester.

How do I apply for graduation? What if I miss the deadline?

The Graduation Application is available in the student help centers or on our website under My Resources, Forms. Deadlines to apply for graduation are posted on the Academic Calendars. This deadline is a priority deadline. Late applications are still processed, but the ones received by the deadline are processed first.