Georgia Forestry Commission Prescribed Fire Course (Two Day Event - October 4 & 5)

Date & Time
October 04th, 2017 8:00 AM - 5:00PM

Georgia Forestry Commission Prescribed Fire Course

Prescribed fire is defined as fire applied in a knowledgeable manner to forest fuels on a specific land area under selected weather conditions to accomplish predetermined, well-defined management objectives. This course is designed for Prescribed Burning Managers. The 1992 Georgia Legislature passed the Prescribed Burning Act which allowed the Georgia Forestry Commission to promulgate a Prescribed Burn Manager Certification Program. Although certification is not required to practice prescribed burning in Georgia, the program is offered in the interest of higher learning and achievement for qualified prescribed burn practitioners and landowners.

Certification includes self-study of materials provided by mail prior to the program, followed by a two-day training session and a written test.  Applicants scoring 70% or better on this test will receive a numbered certificate.  Certification is good for a five-year period from the date the certificate is issued.

Applicants to be successfully certified must have been in charge of five prescribed burns and have had two years’ work experience in forestry related field or have completed a university-sponsored prescribed burn course.  An Affidavit not required to attend class, but must be submitted to become certified.

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will be familiarized with Georgia laws and regulations regarding prescribed burning
  • Participants will be familiarized with fire weather, how it relates to prescribed burning, and how to obtain weather information.
  • Participants will be familiarized with firing techniques and smoke management as it applies to prescribed burning.
  • Participants will become familiar with Air Quality issues in GA, EPD Air Quality laws and the impact that Rx fire has on air quality.
  • Participants will be given instructions on how to deal with the media, and the public when questioned about Rx fire.  Techniques on how to answer media questions will be presented.
  • Participants, upon completion of course, will be qualified to become certified burners in Georgia.  Affidavit required for certification, but not needed to attend course.


Please call 706-295-6382 for registration. A study guide and affidavit form will be mailed to you after registration.

Floyd County Campus

Building H, Room 101A

Wed/Thurs October 4 and 5

8am-5pm, check-in begins at 7:30 AM


Refunds less $65 processing fee available until September 15, 2017. After September 15 NO REFUNDS.