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Workforce Development and Corporate Training

We specialize in the development, planning, and delivery of quality educational and technical programs, services and training to northwest Georgia business and industry. The program’s main purpose is to provide training services to local business and industry through two unique avenues, the Customized Training Program and Open Enrollment Courses classroom training activities. Both areas offer programs and courses designed to meet new and existing company’s specific training goals and objectives.

Open Enrollment Courses 

These courses consist of a series of short-term, non-credit training courses ranging from industry-specific technical skills to leadership, management and supervision of soft skills. These open enrollment courses are offered at our college campus locations and are available to the general public at an affordable per student registration fee.

Customized Training Program (CTP)

With the goal of forming a successful partnership, our business savvy educational professionals will work closely with you to identify your needs. By gaining an understanding of your needs and goals, we are able to build customized courses with objectives that are tied directly to your organization's strategic plan to enhance skills, increase productivity, and drive revenue growth. As your education partner, we can offer you the expertise of our customized training specialists, our faculty at the college and training resources.