Distance Learning

The GNTC Adult Education Program offers a distance learning program for students unable to attend classes or who prefer to utilize technology in their studies. Adults who are interested in a customized distance learning plan are encouraged to contact one of the Adult Education offices.


Many web-based resources are available and accessible with the necessary computer equipment. Suggested web sites include:

English/Language/Grammar/Writing Sites

Grammar Bytes



Mathematics Sites

AAA Math
Algebra Help
Cool Math
Number Nut
Purple Math
About Math
The Math Forum
Multilingual Glossary
Math Glossary

Social Studies

History of the USA


Biology 4 Kids
Chemistry 4 Kids
Cosmos 4 Kids
Geography 4 Kids
Physics 4 Kids

Multi- Information Study

About Education
Fact Monster
Info Please
Khan Academy

English as a Second Language

ESL Cafe
Many Things
USA Learns

Keyboarding Skills

Typing Web

Other Resources

GED® Testing Service


  • Cable Television
    • Discovery Channel
    • History Channel
    • PBS Educational Programming
  • Georgia Public Television Programs
    • GED® Connection
    • Workplace Essential Skills