At a Glance:

Floyd: Chad Wheat
Chad Wheat, Instructor of Air Conditioning Technology
Office: C101
Phone: 706-802-5149
Campus: Floyd County Campus
Department: Air Conditioning Technology, HVAC, Industrial Technologies

Gordon: Donny Holmes
Donny Holmes, Program Director & Instructor of Construction Management
Office: 354
Phone: 706-378-1733
Campus: Gordon County Campus
Department: Construction Management, Industrial Technologies

Green Building Technician (GB11)

Offered at the Following Campuses

  • Gordon County Campus
  • Floyd County Campus

Program Overview

The Green Building Technician program introduces students to the tenets and practices behind the sustainable construction movement. Students are introduced to the methods and philosophies behind green building, energy efficient mechanical systems, energy measures and monitoring, as well as green building construction techniques.

Entrance Requirements

Entrance Date: Any Semester

Course Overview

Credit Hours
Required Courses (16 hours)
This course covers the fundamentals of Green Building Technology in the construction field. Topics to include: Energy Star Ratings, Resource Efficient Design and Materials, Waste management, Air Quality and Site Planning.
This course covers ways to make a home more energy efficient. Topics to include: Required air sealing measures, additional sealing measures, air leakage testing, required insulation and installation, windows, duct work and duct blower testing.
This course focuses on making the mechanical systems of a home energy efficient. Topics to include: Energy efficient appliances and lighting, heating and cooling equipment, water supply and fixtures, and outdoor water systems.
This course focuses on applying theoretical green building into residential construction. Topics to include: Site planning, Insulation of a foundation, using green building materials, special insulation techniques, replacing old windows and doors with energy efficient models and keeping a clean and environmentally friendly job site.