At a Glance:

FCC: Rodney Parris
Rodney Parris, Program Director & Instructor of Automotive Technology
Office: D121
Phone: 706-295-6999
Campus: Floyd County Campus
Department: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technologies


A.A.T., Gwinnett Technical College; Diploma, Coosa Valley Technical Institute


Master Certification in Automobiles, Heavy Trucks, and Engine Machinist

WCC: Troy Peco
Troy Peco, Assistant Dean of Industrial Technologies; Program Director & Instructor of Automotive Technology
Office: 106
Phone: 706-764-3618
Campus: Walker County Campus
Department: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technologies


A.A.S., Delgado Community College, A.S.E. Certification

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Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Technician Specialist (AA71)

Offered at the Following Campuses

  • Floyd County Campus
  • Walker County Campus

Program Overview

The Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist cartier replica watches certificate program provides students with the rolex replica watches skills to enter the automotive industry as an entry level transmission, transaxle, and drive line technician. Topics covered include: shop safety, basic electrical/electronic theory and diagnosis, manual transmission/transaxle operation and diagnosis, automatic transmission/transaxle operation and diagnosis, axles omega replica watches operation and diagnosis, differentials operation and diagnosis, and 4WD/AWD systems operation and diagnosis.

Entrance Dates:? Fall and Spring Semester
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Course Overview

Credit Hours
Required Courses (18 hours)
Introduces basic concepts and practices necessary for safe and effective automotive shop operations. Topics include: safety procedures; legal/ethical responsibilities; general service; hand tools; shop organization, management, and work flow systems.
Introduces automotive electricity, emphasizes the basic principles, diagnosis, and service/repair of batteries, starting systems, starting system components, alternators and regulators, lighting system, gauges, horn, wiper/washer, and accessories.
This course introduces basics of rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive drive line related operation, diagnosis, service and related electronic controls. Topics include: drive shaft and half shaft, universal and constant-velocity (CV) joint diagnosis and repair; ring and pinion gears and differential case assembly; limited slip differential; drive axle shaft; four-wheel drive/all-wheel drive component diagnosis and repair. Introduces basics of front and rear-wheel drive. Clutch operation, diagnosis and service is included. Electronic controls related to transmission/transaxles operation are discussed. Topics include: clutch diagnosis and repair; transmission/transaxles diagnosis and repair.
Introduces students to basic automatic transmission/transaxle theory, operation, inspection, service, and repair procedures as well as electronic diagnosis and repair. Topics include: general automatic transmission and transaxle diagnosis; in vehicle and off vehicle transmission and transaxle maintenance, adjustment and repair.