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Catoosa: Matthew Sosebee

Matthew Sosebee, Instructor of Industrial Systems Technology
Office: 149D
Phone: 706-965-1126
Campus: Catoosa County Campus
Department: Electrical Controls, Industrial Technologies


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Industrial Systems Fundamentals (IS61)

Offered at the Following Campus

  • Catoosa County Campus

Program Overview

The Industrial Systems Fundamentals Technical Certificate of Credit is an introductory program preparing students for employment in a variety of positions in industrial systems production equipment maintenance. Basic skills provide for opportunities to upgrade or for entry level employment.

Entrance Date:  Fall Semester

Course Overview

Credit Hours
Required Courses (14 hours)
Provides an in-depth study of the health and safety practices required for maintenance of industrial, commercial, and home electrically operated equipment. Topics include: introduction to OSHA regulations; safety tools, equipment, and procedures; and first aid and cariopulmonary resuscitation.
Introduces direct current (DC) concepts and applications. Topics include: electrical pinciples and laws; batteries; DC test equipment; series, parallel, and simple combination circuits; and laboratory procedures and safety practices.
Introduces the theory and application of varying sine wave voltages and current. Topics include: magnetism, AC wave generation, AC test equipment, inductance, capacitance, and basic transformers.
Occupational Elective
and one of the following: (3 hours)
Emphasizes the application of basic mathematical skills used in the solution of occupational and technical problems. Topics include fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportions, measurement and conversion, formula manipulation, technical applications, and basic statistics.
Emphasizes concepts and operations which are applied to the study of algebra. Topics include basic mathematical concepts, basic algebraic concepts, and intermediate algebraic concepts.