At a Glance:

Floyd: Joseph Burrage
Joseph Burrage, Program Director & Instructor of Welding
Office: Building F
Phone: 706-295-6990
Campus: Floyd County Campus
Department: Industrial Technologies, Welding

Walker: Jeremiah Cooper
Jeremiah Cooper, Welding Instructor
Office: 310
Phone: 706-639-2067
Campus: Walker County Campus
Department: Industrial Technologies, Welding

Basic Shielded Metal ARC Welder (FS31)

Offered at the Following Campuses

  • Walker County Campus
  • Floyd County Campus

Program Overview

The Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder Technical Certificate of Credit prepares students for careers in the welding and joining industry. This certificate emphasizes arc welding in the flat position and is pre-requisite to the advanced certificate.

Entrance Date:  Fall Semester

Course Overview

Credit Hours
Required Courses (10 hours)
Provides an introduction to welding technology with an emphasis on basic welding laboratory principles and operating procedures. Topics include: industrial safety and health practices, hand tool and power machine use, measurement, laboratory operating procedures, welding power sources, welding career potentials, and introduction to welding codes and standards.
Introduces fundamental principles, safety practices, equipment, and techniques necessary for metal heating and oxyfuel cutting. Topics include: metal heating and cutting principles, safety procedures, use of cutting torches and apparatus, metal heating techniques, metal cutting techniques, manual and automatic oxyfuel cutting techniques, and oxyfuel pipe cutting. Practice in the laboratory is provided.
This course introduces the major theory, safety practices, and techniques required for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) in flat positions. Qualification tests, flat position, are used in the evaluation of student progress toward making industrial welds.