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Gordon : Donny Holmes
Donny Holmes, Program Director & Instructor of Construction Management
Office: 354
Phone: 706-378-1733
Campus: Gordon County Campus
Department: Construction Management, Industrial Technologies


B.S., Southern Polytechnic State University; A.A.S., Dalton State College

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Construction Management Apprentice (CM71)

Offered at the Following Campus

  • Gordon County Campus

Program Overview

The Construction Management Apprentice program offers instruction in the fundamentals of construction and management of construction projects. Topics include instruction in basic construction knowledge and skills, construction drafting, costs and materials estimating, inspection practices, and print reading.

Course Overview

Credit Hours
Required Courses (22 hours)
This course provides a review of general safety rules and practices giving students information about state and federal regulations including OSHA Hazard Communication Standards and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Emphasis is placed on electrical, fire, lifting, and ladder and scaffolding practices.
This course provides instruction in the use of professional tools for the construction trades. Emphasis will be placed on the safe use of each tool discussed. Topics include layout and measuring tools, cutting tools, sawing tools, drilling and boring tools, finishing and fastening tools, general shop tool use, and job site setup.
This course introduces the fundamental array of building materials used in residential and commercial construction. Topics include fasteners, wood products,concrete, brick and block, plumbing materials, finishing materials, manufactured products and an introduction to construction cost estimation.
This course introduces the reading and interpretation of prints and architectural drawings for all of the construction trades. Topics include types of plans, scales, specifications, conventions, and schedules.
Introduces the concepts and practices of basic site layout, footings, and foundation construction. Students will use layout equipment for on-site laboratory practice. Topics include: zoning restrictions and codes, batter board installation, builder*s level, squaring methods, footings, plot plan interpretation, materials estimation, foundation types, foundation forms, edge forms, waterproofing, soil testing and excavation.
This course introduces the complete estimating process from excavation to completed residence. Topics include the sequencing of construction, materials calculation, blueprint interpretation methods of construction, working with subcontractors, and final estimate assembly.
This course provides instruction in producing residential floor plans and elevations using computer-aided drafting and design (CAD) software. Topics include system setup and system management, software menus and basic functions, prototype drawings, and two and three dimensional drafting and dimensioning.
This course covers building codes as they apply to typical residential applications. Topics include international residential codes, working with building inspectors, permits and inspections, and site visits.