At a Glance:

Floyd: Susan Stephens
Susan Stephens, Instructor of Cosmetology
Office: B123a
Phone: 706-295-6604
Campus: Floyd County Campus
Department: Cosmetology, Public Service Technology
or Anna Williams
Anna Williams, Instructor of Cosmetology
Office: B121b
Phone: 706-295-6208
Campus: Floyd County Campus
Department: Cosmetology, Public Service Technology

Polk: Rebecca Gilreath
Rebecca Gilreath, Instructor of Cosmetology
Office: D109
Phone: 706-378-1805
Campus: Polk County Campus
Department: Cosmetology, Public Service Technology

Walker: Tammy Livingstone
Tammy Livingstone, Program Director & Instructor of Cosmetology
Office: 207b
Phone: 706-764-3583
Campus: Walker County Campus
Department: Cosmetology, Public Service Technology

Shampoo Technician (ST11)

Offered at the Following Campuses

  • Polk County Campus
  • Floyd County Campus
  • Walker County Campus

Program Overview

The Shampoo Technician Technical Certificate of Credit introduces courses that prepare students for careers in the field of Cosmetology as Shampoo Technicians. Learning opportunities develop academic and professional knowledge required for job acquisition, retention and advancement. The program emphasizes specialized training for safety, sanitation, state laws, rules and regulations, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, skin, hair, hair treatments and manipulations, hair styling, artificial hair, braiding/intertwining hair, reception sales, management, employability skills, and work ethics. Graduates receive a Shampoo Technician Technical Certificate of Credit and are employable as a Cosmetology salesperson, salon manager, or salon owner.

Course Overview

Credit Hours
Required Courses (12 - 13 hours)
Introduces fundamental both theory and practices of the cosmetology profession. Emphasis will be placed on professional practices and safety. Topics include: state rules, and regulations; state regulatory agency, image; bacteriology; decontamination and infection control, chemistry fundamentals, safety, Hazardous Duty Standards Act compliance, and anatomy and physiology.
Introduces the theory, procedures and products used in the care and treatment of the scalp and hair, disease and disorders and their treatments and the fundamental theory and skills required to shampoo, condition, and recondition the hair and scalp.
Emphasizes the steps involved in opening and operating a privately owned salon. Topics include: law requirements regarding employment, tax payer education / federal and state responsibilities, law requirements for owning and operating a salon business, business management practices, and public relations and career development.
and one of the following (2 - 3 hours)
Emphasizes human relations and professional development in today*s rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society. Topics include human relations skills, job acquisition skills and communication, job retention skills, job advancement skills, and professional image skills.