High School Programs

High School Initiatives

High School Initiatives allow qualified students to maximize their education and training time by beginning college while they are still in high school. Qualified students may earn credit at the college only, or they may earn credit concurrently at both the college and high school.

The New Move On When Ready (MOWR)

Programs formerly known as ACCEL, Dual Enrollment, and the “old” Move On When Ready are now consolidated into one program called Move On When Ready (MOWR). The new MOWR allows high school students to take academic degree level core courses that will transfer to any TCSG or USG college or university as well as occupational courses and diploma level core courses. Some students may choose to just take a few courses while others may choose to take their full course load with the college.

All college coursework taken through MOWR will be fully covered through MOWR funding, and students will not be required to pay out of pocket for tuition, college fees, or textbooks. The only fees students may be responsible for are course-specific fees determined by the college.

Credit hours taken through the new MOWR program will not count toward a student’s HOPE Grant or Scholarship credit hour caps. Participating in the new MOWR program is a great incentive for high school students to get ahead on their college coursework!

Benefits of taking GNTC courses while in high school through the Move On When Ready Program:

Degree level core classes will transfer to any University System of Georgia or Technical College System of Georgia college or university, PLUS many other colleges/universities both in and outside of the state of Georgia… so starting at GNTC can really take you anywhere.

College credits count toward new high school rigor requirements and HOPE Scholarship rigor requirements.

Tuition and textbooks are totally covered through the MOWR program PLUS GNTC exempts application fee and all student fees for high school students participating in MOWR – which means you are required to pay ZERO out of pocket expenses to attend GNTC while in high school.


Any 9th – 12th grade students in an eligible Georgia high school or home study program who has achieved required scores on the college placement exam, are eligible to take part in the program. Placement testing is provided at the high schools. If you haven’t taken the placement exam yet, please contact your high school counselor or a member of the GNTC High School Initiatives staff. There are NO residency or citizenship requirements.


All of the classes that were available under the old Dual Enrollment, ACCEL, and old Move On When Ready programs will still be available under the NEW Move On When Ready, plus many additional courses. You will see no change in how GNTC offers the classes.

Courses are offered on the college campus, at the high school campus, online, hybrid or web-enhanced. Students will be allowed to take up to 15 credit hours per semester at each college they attend.

Students can enroll in GNTC courses during fall, spring, or summer semesters while still in high school and receive concurrent credit.

Application Process

High school students wishing to enroll in the new MOWR program must first meet with their high school guidance counselor. New MOWR students must have qualifing test scores, complete an online MOWR application and complete any other required forms needed to participate in the program. 

Additionally, students will be asked to go onto the GA Futures website to a financial aid funding application. Once a student has completed this step, his/her high school counselor will then add the approved classes in STARS, and GNTC will approve the courses. MOWR students must complete the online MOWR funding application EACH SEMESTER they are enrolled at the college. Failure to do so can result in students being billed for their GNTC classes.

Tuition, Fees, and Books

Tuition and most fees are covered by MOWR for every eligible student in the program. Because MOWR students are now eligible to participate in almost all GNTC programs, they may be responsible for course specific fees in some program areas; however, most GNTC programs do not require such fees. Students should speak to the High School Initiatives staff to find out specifics about course-related fees.

Books will be provided to MOWR students at no charge to the students. Books must be returned every semester to high school initiatives. Failure to return books provided by GNTC will result in a hold being placed on the student's account.