Practical Nursing

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Program Director - Suzanne Pauley, RN, BSN, MSN, CLNC

On this site you will find a copy of the Practical Nursing program handbook. In your orientation you will be advised to thoroughly read the program handbook, print off, sign and turn in the handbook receipt page. Turning in this handbook receipt with your signature means, that you have read and been informed of the rules and information contained in the Practical Nursing Handbook and that you agree to abide by them. 

The Fundamentals section contains forms that you may print off on your home computer or in one of the college’s computer labs. All other forms needed will be available through Blackboard.

Healthcare Program Admission

Students interested in any of the Health Sciences programs offered at our college are admitted into either the Healthcare Assistant certificate or Healthcare Science certificate. Because each of our Health Science majors can only accommodate a limited number of students, additional steps must be followed by the student to secure admission into a particular Health Care Sciences program.

Our college does not utilize wait lists for any Health Science program; instead a competitive admissions process is used to admit students into each program. This impacts students interested in Health Information Technology, EMS, Medical Assisting, Paramedicine, Practical Nursing, Radiography, Registered Nursing, and Surgical Technology.

Students can review the additional requirements and information about their desired Health Science program by visiting our Programs of Study. They should also meet with a Health Sciences advisor during the advisement period of their first term of enrollment. 

Programs of Study


Fundamental Forms

Pathophysiology Packet

Resident Assessment Packet

Resident Care Plan Packet

Systems Review Packet